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Indoor Positioning Solution

with BLE Beacons

Based on Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology, Shuttle provides an integrated location-based Indoor Positioning Solution for people and asset tracking. A diversity of uses includes visitor management, corporate security, health care, and catering service.

Why Choose Us

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Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

Exclusive Bluetooth Beacon devices (card type/ tag type) provide sufficient low-power performance to support ultra-long battery life up to 24 months *.

* The Card Type uses a disposable battery that lasts up to 24 months, while the Tag Type comes with a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months.
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Fast Response Positioning

Robust positioning engine provides fast positioning and instant feedback in less than 1 second *.

* Based on the signal strength (RSSI), when the erection height is 2.55m, the positioning range can reach a radius of 3.5m.
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IPS Management Tool

With a web-based monitoring tool, users can effectively identify and track the location of people and objects in real-time.
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Heat Map Tracking and Analysis

Use the heat map analysis tool to gain insight into behavioral patterns. Users can observe, gather the number of people staying in a specific area and time.

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Automated Security Notification

When unauthorized people enter the forbidden zone, the system can automatically send notification.

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Easy Setup APP

With a dedicated Gateway App, users can easily start with their initial settings from mobile devices.

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Application Scenarios

Tech Spec

I/O DC IN x1 DC IN x1
N/A RJ45x1
Relay out; 2 set (4-pin) only support DC
Installation Drill hole /Hang
Size ∅107mm, T=40mm
Weight NW 140g
GW 590g
Operating Temperature -20~60°C
Power Supply 24W adapter 24W adapter or POE (Optional)
Certification NCC / BSMI
FW update OTA
Accessory Kit PADP01 (US plug only)
Beacon Tag Beacon Card
Size ∅40mm, T=12.5mm 54 x 86 x 3.8mm
Weight 12g 16g
TX Power -8 /-12 / -16 / -20 dBm 0 / -20 dBm
Battery Life 3~6m (CR2032, Replaceable Battery) 18~24m (Disposable Battery)
Frequency 300ms 300ms